The New Guy: Nicolas Salencon

Red Bull’s Beyond the Line competition champion has the best meat

Realistically, it was his long history of competing in different ski disciplines that led Nicolas Salencon to the number one spot in Red Bull’s Beyond the Line competition this past August. However, we’re going to go ahead and chalk it up to a steady diet of Argentinian beef and learning to ski on the humble slopes of the Andes. This winter, look for the 30-year-old Bariloche native on the FWT (his second year), and competing in the Red Bull Linecatcher competition. We caught up with Salencon to find out how he ended up breaking into the freeride scene and what it’s like growing up skiing down south.


Retracing Skylines

Catching the Poor Boyz Productions world premiere with a first-timer

Tracing Skylines proves that with innovative urban slayers and a crew of young skiers like Sean Pettit and Logan Pehota backed by legendary veterans Pep Fujas and Seth Morrison, Poor Boyz is in good hands and still having fun 19 years later.

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Bobby Brown and the Red Bull Megaslope

Sessioning a private slopestyle course at Kirkwood

Ask Bobby Brown to design his own slopestyle course and this is what you get. The Red Bull Megaslope is 2,750 feet long and winds down the entire backside of Kirkwood ski resort in California. Each of the six features were thought up by Brown, and SPT worked for some 1,200 hours pushing snow to build Brown’s vision. Brown’s dream park came to fruition when he and four handpicked skiers—Russ Henshaw, Gus Kenworthy, PK Hunder, and Brown’s younger brother, Peter Brown—sessioned the private slopestyle course on a bluebird spring day.

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Sean Jordan’s Part from Stept’s “Mutiny”

Former POWDER Young Guns number 1 releases full part online

A few years ago, Sean Jordan was just under 18. As such, he barely made the cut-off to be selected into POWDER’s 2012 Young Guns feature, then called The Draft, an annual ranking of the top skiers 18 and under that appears in the February issue of the magazine.

Jordan, who has a natural ability to navigate the concrete and metal of street skiing, was unanimously selected as number one in 2012 after putting up bit parts in Stept Productions and Poor Boyz Productions’ 2011 fall flicks.

In Stept’s “Mutiny” Jordan produced a full segment, which was released online last week. In it, he proves that the skills that brought him the top spot in Young Guns have only gotten better and his style remains all his own.

“I found out the day before it hit YouTube that Rockstar had intentions of releasing it,” says Jordan. “Ideally I want everyone to support Stept, but I also want as many people to see this part as possible.”

Jordan mentioned that last week was a big one for him—he bought his first car, a black 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon, at 20 years of age. “It took me a little while to save up the money to get it,” says Jordan. “but I got it and I’m stoked.”

Sean Jordan, growing up before our very eyes.


Week In Review September 6: Lego Chairlifts and Tempting Fear

Happy Birthday Sarah Burke, Park City remains in Park City, and Aspen gets more greener

Week In Review September 6: Lego chairlifts , Tempting Fear, Happy Birthday Sarah Burke, Park City remains in Park City, and Aspen gets more greener.


The Village Cafe Makes its Last Call

The last dive bar in Teton Village shuts down for good

The Village Café, a hole-in-the-wall dive bar at the base of the Jackson Hole Tram that’s been serving ski bums for nearly five decades (under one name or another), made its last call Monday night. It marked the end of an era, as the building—originally built in the late 1960s—will be torn down to make way for a luxury development.


VIDEO: Nimbus Independent Releases 10-Minute Short Film

Chris Benchetler discusses his approach to skiing, cross-training influences, and his direction for the future

In this beautifully shot short film by the creatives at Nimbus Independent, Atomic skier Chris Benchetler waxes poetically – and honestly – about his origins as a skier who was heavily influenced by snowboarding. Today, the master of the nose press and all-around down-to-earth, great guy and, well, one of the best skiers in the world, isn’t slowing down. But he’s also not just proceeding at break-neck speed. See and hear it all in this 10 minutes of cinematic beauty from Eric Pollard and the other magic, tree-dwelling elves at Nimbus.


Deals and Deadlines: 2014 Season Passes

Evaluate your options with our pass price chart

We built you guys a little chart to make sure you’re keeping on top of your responsibilities—and aren’t stuck paying an extra $300 for your first chairs, powder turns, and après discounts.


Week In Review August 30: Combo Ski Passes and Park City Eviction

Girl hates Lake Tahoe, Epic gets more epic, and Snowbird get its own beer

Week In Review August 29: Combo Ski Passes, Park City Eviction, Girl hates Lake Tahoe, Epic gets more epic, and Snowbird get its own beer.


Meanwhile at Mt. Hood #5: Jeff Curry on the mend

A femur break doesn’t slow down Windell’s head ski coach

Last month Curry, the head ski coach at Windell’s Camp, was skiing through the camp’s terrain park on Palmer Snowfield in search of an injured camper when he rolled over a jump knuckle to find a doghouse-sized rock waiting on the other side. He clipped the rock, snapping his femur upon impact.


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