New POC helmet knows when its life is over

Green is go. Red is dead.

At the moment, it’s hard to tell when to replace your ski helmet. There are rules of thumb, but nothing definitive. That’s where POC’s new Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS helmet comes in.


Video: Boulder Hut Adventure

The Bomb Snow crew's annual pilgrimage north to British Columbia

The guys at Bomb Snow took a helicopter into the Boulder Hut, located west of Cranbrook, British Columbia, in the Purcell Mountains. Despite high pressure and questionable avalanche conditions, all went well, especially that double BN run (watch it ’till the end).


State of the Snow

The winter that started in February, unless you live in Colorado

While Colorado enjoys one of its snowiest winters in recent history, the rest of the country is just starting to catch up.


Breaking the Ice

New events give countries a shot at first ski medals

Slopestyle and halfpipe skiing have given the 2014 Winter Olympics an added dose of excitement. But they’ve also provided something else: a legitimate podium chance to countries with little Winter Olympic success.


Subaru Freeride Series Results

Locals dominate Crested Butte stop of FWT qualifier

There’s a reason Crested Butte’s Big Hourglass is a permanently closed zone within the ski area. It’s as steep as 50 degrees and is littered with pillows, 60-foot cliffs, and trees. There is not a straightforward way down. Skiing from the top to the bottom is a great success in itself. On Saturday, conditions lined up to open the venue for this 4-star Freeride World Tour qualifier for the first time since 2009.


Lucky Underwear

Superstitions run deep for skiers in Sochi

Sometimes all the skill and preparation in the world can get trumped by Lady Luck. To keep karma on their side as much as possible in Sochi, the following are a few rituals our athletes perform before hitting the slopes.


Next Stop on the FWT is Snowbird

With another drought year and low snow conditions, FWT Organizers moved fourth stop from Kirkwood to Snowbird

Even though the last storm brought 80 inches of snow to Kirkwood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, salvaging what may be one of the worst drought seasons in recent history, the Freeride World Tour announced today that it would relocate its fourth stop from Kirkwood to Snowbird, Utah.

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Week In Review: Gus Kenworthy Has Valentines Day On Lock

The Americans swept men's slopestyle, the latest street skiing from Quebec, s*$t f@#k skiing fails, and someone else is pissed at Vail

The Americans swept men’s slopestyle, the latest street skiing from Quebec, and S%*t f@#k skiing fails

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The Odds Are Good: Olympic Invasion

How to explain Olympic freeskiing to people who are not skiers. It's harder than you’d think

It’s like when a band you love all of a sudden starts getting played on the radio and you find yourself whining, “No, guys, their old stuff is wayyyy better.” The good news is that you can grease the tranny by explaining things in terms they understand.


Nimbus Independent Raw 1.2

A dose of ski porn in one turn

Nothing like a slow mo’ turn in the deep to satisfy your powder porn afternoon crave.


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