VIDEO: Tiny House Tour, Winter’s People

An ode to the long lives of skiers

When we’re born, we’re all destined to become something. Some of us are lucky enough to become skiers.

Throughout our lives our interests in skiing evolve, from following our parents around the hill to racing, park, and backcountry exploration and ski mountaineering. Skiing then becomes a piece of our life that we inevitably share with our children, grandchildren, and friends. Skiing becomes who we are; It becomes our culture.

As a young child, there is so much promise in the future. We look up to our ski idols, race our older siblings, and we dream of the skiers we will someday become. Entering adulthood, we lose a bit of our youthful anticipation. Skiing isn’t about what kind of skier we will become, it is about the skier we are that day. Our fulfillment goes only as far as imagining what we are accomplishing in that phase of our lives. We don’t see our future in skiing beyond today’s big line.

But one thing overlooked is skiing as a life path. We don’t realize the enjoyment we find when our buddies throw us a high five after a first descent or landing a new trick might be topped by moments that are yet to come. When we’re in our twenties and thirties, we might not realize we still have so much of this ski life left to live.

We can look around at the skiers who used to push it in the mountains, but now have families and see they’re happy. Sharing skiing with their kids is the equivalent of making turns for yourself on a powder day. As life goes on, those skiers retire from their jobs and turn into men and women that make it up to the mountains every day, all winter long with new and old friends, enjoying après beers. They become people charging downhill at eighty, even ninety-years old. They have enjoyed skiing throughout their lifetime, every step, every phase, and through every age. They are winter’s people.

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The Storm Troopers at

A group of armchair forecasters are predicting powder across more terrain than ever

The six guys who study the sky for mountain communities across the country aren’t concerned with a 10-day-party-cloudy kind of forecast. They care about one thing—big winter storms.


Week In Review January 30: Mariachi Ski Racers and Comp Round Up

Vice premieres freeskiing doc, panty park session, Palmer Lift remains open all January for the first time,

Vice premieres freeskiing, movie, panty park session, Palmer Lift remains open all January for the first time,

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The Low Angle Cure for Sadness

The Odds Are Good: When 25-degree meadow skipping fights back the sad and the scary

There has been a lot of talk lately about blame and shame, and how to process the consequences after an avalanche. You can be theoretical and analytical about snowpack and slope angle and group dynamic, but it’s harder to quantify sadness.


Behind The Cover With Chris Tatsuno

February cover boy Chris Tatsuno puts the fun in skiing, one spraffy at a time

Since making the cover of the POWDER February issue, Chris Tatsuno has become a sex god, pioneer of fun, expert beer chugger, and legendary ski bum. Or actually, he has always been all of those things. But now he can add cover boy to the list.

Pick up a copy of our February issue, on newsstands now, or click here for the digital version.


Junk In The Trunk: The Rebirth of Wool

Wool is warm, doesn't smell (as much), and is a great mid-layer

Nowadays dozens of outdoor brands are back to relying on this natural fiber, and below are five of my favorite pieces I’ve been using this winter to stay warm.


DEEP Tour Hits The Road

Spreading the word about climate change and disappearing snow in 25 cities on the East and West coasts

The DEEP Book Tour is stopping in 25 cities and resorts on the East and West coasts this winter—spreading the word about climate change and disappearing snow.


Slideshow: Thread The Needle

Working threads and doing research for next year's outerwear apparel guide

The best way to learn how a product works is to go ski in it. It’s not rocket science, but this can mean different things to different skiers.


VIDEO: TGR’s Austria Pow

The segment from 'Way Of Life' that won Best Powder at the 14th Annual POWDER Awards

“Day one was super deep, over the head, as good as it ever gets,” says Sage Cattabriga-Alosa about his trip with Teton Gravity Research, Dylan Hood, and Colter Hinchcliffe to Fieberbrunn, Austria. This is the segment that won Best Powder at the 14th Annual POWDER Awards, and recently, it also won Best Powder at the Cold Smoke Awards.

To learn more about what went into this segment, watch this interview with Sage and Colter backstage from the 14th Annual POWDER Awards.


Video: Tom Wallisch’s Discretion

A look into Wallisch's difficult season competing in the Olympic qualifiers with a torn ACL

After finishing the 2013 season as a top-ranked American slopestyle skier, everything was going exactly as planned for Tom Wallisch. But after a fall in New Zealand that resulted in a torn ACL, Wallisch was faced with the most difficult decision of his career.


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