VIDEO: Unicorn Picnic Releases New Pretty Faces Trailer

Lynsey Dyer features a solid crew of ladies in her all chick ski flick

Last January, Lynsey Dyer launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an all-female ski film. “Why would I want to play sports if it’s not reflected in mainstream media?” Dyer says in the Kickstarter video. “We’d like to change all that, and show girls that they have a place not only in the mountains, but in sports in general.” Her campaign aimed to raise $60,000. By the time it closed on January 16, more than 1,000 backers helped Dyer smash that goal by raising $113,534 . Since then, Dyer and the film’s stacked lady posse—including Elyse Saugstad, Angel Collinson, and Rachael Burks—have been rallying to ski hard and collect footage. Five months ago, Dyer posted a call for submissions on Vimeo to gather more footage from girl skiers. And today, she finally released the highly anticipated trailer for Pretty Faces. It’s about time we see a film that features more than a token female ripper and does female skiers justice, showcasing their talent and inspiring other ladies to charge hard. Stay tuned for the full showing of Pretty Faces, coming this fall.


Week In Review: Africa Goes Ski Racing

Argentinian mountain babes! Tanner Hall for the people! Tornado Selfies!

All the news fit for skiers the week ending August, 29, 2014.


Real Emails About Real Ski Backcountry

Two POWDER correspondents share their thoughts on ESPN’s Real Ski Backcountry competition

Have you watched these Real Ski Edits? Seven skiers (Sean Pettit presumably was number 8, but dropped out due to an injury). Seven edits. One winner.

It’s time to break them down, one by one, for in a back-and-forth email chain reminiscent of Simmons v. Gladwell over on Grantland. Hope you’re wearing your Columbian soccer jersey, amigo. It’s about to get loco, son.

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GoPro All Day Battery by Brunton — Junk in the Trunk

It keeps going, and going, and going, and going

It’s a juice pack that clips onto the case of your GoPro HERO3+ and gives your camera up to four times the battery life.


VIDEO: Colter Brehmer’s Fugue State

The new kid to the Bridger Brigade has his priorities straight

Things came together for Colter Brehmer last season. Originally a park kid from Sun Valley, Idaho, Brehmer spent last season hitting the road and chasing pow from Montana to Wyoming to Canada and back.


The New Teton Lift

Jackson Hole’s new chairlift for 2015-16 will dramatically shift how people ski the mountain

It’s more than a year out, but a new lift is going up in Jackson Hole. Spanning 1,600 vertical feet, the Teton Lift, a high-speed quad, will be ready for the 2015-16 season, providing skiers access to what has so far been accessible only via hiking.


VIDEO: What Drives Clayton Vila?

A short doc on Clayton Vila's devotion to street skiing and perfection

Clayton Vila is finally taking hold of the reins. Vila has filmed with production companies like Stept, TGR, and Poor Boyz but always felt like he had to cede a little too much creative control to larger forces. This fall, the 23-year old will drop his first solo film project, Five, fo’ free on the interwebs. This 11-minute documentary shines light on Vila’s past, how he views himself as a skier, and why he decided to self-direct and self-produce his own film. If Vila goes as hard on this film as he has on his face—and there’s little doubt the self-proclaimed perfectionist will—my fingers are poised and ready above my mouse to stream the shit out of this.

Here’s an interview about Vila’s idea of a good day—pounding the pavement sunup to sundown until he nails the trick, perfectly.


The Spiel on El Niño

We know winter is a ways out, but we couldn’t resist

There’s a particular tree, a big Cottonwood, that grows on the side of the main road in my hometown. We call it the Snow Tree and it’s said that the first snowfall won’t come until it loses all of its leaves. I trust that tree more than I trust rumors of El Niño, especially in summers like this one when predictions of El Niño are rampant. I realize I might be a little jaded—as a skier in California, I’ve learned to be skeptical until there’s fresh snow in the driveway. So I called a forecaster I could trust, Joel Gratz, of, a skier’s kind of weatherman. Here’s what Gratz had to say about the winter ahead. (Although I still have more faith in that tree.):


Dynafit Borax Jacket – Junk in the Trunk

Lightweight, insulated, and great for storm day missions

Say Dynafit, and chances are, you’ll think tech bindings. However, skiers packing for mountain missions should keep the German ski company on their radar for outerwear, too. One piece worth eyeing is version 2.0 of Dynafit’s Borax insulated jacket.


The Making of the Buyer’s Guide

Behind the scenes at Powder Week

Here’s a snapshot of the research that goes in to finding the best skis for our Buyer’s Guide. For reviews of this year’s top skis, boots, and bindings, pick up a copy of the September issue or check out the digital version of our 2015 Buyer’s Guide.


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