Week in Review: How to Pull Off the Backseat Ski Drift

Plus burning lift towers! Double black diamond pot cookies! And the new Ukranian ski helmet!

All the news fit for skiing the week ending Friday, May 9, 2013


POWDER Wins Three Maggie Awards

WPA honors Deep: The Future of Snow, Frozen In Time, and PowderTV

POWDER won Best Series of Articles for DEEP: The Future of Snow In America and The Future of Snow in Europe, published in the September and December issues. Additionally, POWDER won Best Video Channel, for POWDER TV and Best Original or Replica of a Digital Publication for a Tablet for its multimedia feature, Frozen In Time.

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Junk in the Trunk: TNF Base Camp Duffel

The only travel bag you'll ever need

There are only a handful of items that are pieces I can’t live without. One of them is my Base Camp Duffel from The North Face.


Week in Review: The Most Ridiculous Pond Skim Bails You’ll Ever See

Plus: Call of Duty joins X Games lineup, Eldora's new super pass, and three edits you shouldn't miss

All the news fit for skiing the week ending May 2, 2014

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Dickens Ski Prose: The Best and Worst of Lines

Today marks the anniversary of Charles Dickens' epic, A Tale of Two Cities, so here's a poem to honor the legend

It was the best of lines, it was the worst of lines, it was a day for wisdom, it was a day for folly…


VIDEO: The Simple Joy of Skiing

A boy in an ancient village with a pair of old Fischers and rubber boots

A year ago in March, photographer Kari Medig was in the Republic of Georgia with a group of ski models for a shoot with the Norwegian apparel brand, Norrona. After a couple days of skiing at Gudauri, one of Georgia’s popular ski resorts, the group headed further west in search of a more authentic experience. They arrived at Ushguli, a small village high up in the Caucasus Mountains, and met Gigi Charqseliani, the 15-year-old who inspired this short film, which is titled The Fence.

POWDER: Describe Ushguli for us. What’s this place like?
Kari Medig: It’s like something straight out of Game of Thrones—fully medieval, really old. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s got these crazy big towers and it’s like you’re walking around 200 years ago. There’s cows and chickens running around, monasteries. The people in the region, they moved there because it’s really out of the way. They’re still really suspicious of people coming in. It’s this ancient way of life.

So how did a photo shoot for an apparel company turn into this short film?
We were shooting skiing, and my friends were wearing all these clothes and walking around the village. We were ski touring all day, and when we got back, we went into a guesthouse. When we were inside, I saw this shape speed past the window, and was like, “What the hell?” Nobody in this village skis that fast. But sure enough, it was this kid with rubber boots and old skis just doing that.

Who is Gigi?
He’s 15. He looks a little bit older than that, but he’s a big kid. He’s lived in that village his whole life and he’s going to school. It’s actually funny—I’m friends with him on Facebook now.

Is Gigi the only village skier?
Some other kids were using the same skis. They get passed around. They just adjust the bindings depending on their shoes. They get the fear part of skiing. The adrenaline comes from trying to sneak through that entrance in the fence.

What is this film really about to you?
You know when you’re a kid? That was the funnest time in skiing to me. I still love it so much, but nothing beats that initial excitement of going fast and the freedom of it.

To find more of Kari Medig’s work, visit his website, KariMedigPhoto.com, or follow him on Instagram, @kari_medig.


VIDEO: Park bashing with Khai Krepela

Here’s one park segment you shouldn’t miss this week

If you like to keep up on Internet park skiing, you should probably add Khai Krepela to the favorites tab.

After making a cameo in the memorable Detroit segment from last year’s Poor Boyz flick, Chasing Skylines, Krepela has gone beast mode this season, stacking footage like IHOP stacks pancakes.

The Park City-native is freakishly comfortable sliding metal on skis, spinning, tapping, and otherwise toying with any technical feature that stands in his way. Legitimately, the dude spins out of every rail. That blind swap on a feature I can only describe as a “Y to Z” rail at 1:51 made me spit out my Red Bull and I wasn’t even drinking any.

While he’s filmed with 4bi9 and is rumored to have a full segment with Level 1 for this fall, Krepela and his crew Good Enough gifted us five minutes of edited footage in the early stages of spring. Good looks guys.


AK The Other Way

Still the euphoric trip, but cheaper than heli skiing

In the weeks leading up to our trip to Alaska, the common question I would receive was, “Who are you flying with?” Of course, typical responses include CPG, Valdez Heli Guides, Points North, or numerous other well-known heli skiing operations. However this was not that type of Alaska ski trip, and my answer to their question was Sheldon Air Service.


Hot Dog… The Movie Turns 30

Looking back on the classic, with the cast partying in Squaw on Saturday

“I was beating around town and heard music. I went in and it was a full blown,” says Marvin. “There were four guys on stage, bald-headed playing saxophones naked to the waist and wearing spandex. A guy named Terry as MC and eight beautiful girls taking their clothes off, being sprayed with beer and champagne, and pretty soon it turned into a live orgy on stage. And guys were jumping out of the audience and having sex on stage. That was the freestyle circuit when it first started, anyway.”


Week in Review: Man on Skis on Wire

Plus: Cats and monoskis, the Colby West Show, and Brazil's taking over South America freestyle skiing

All the news fit for skiing the week ending April 25, 2014.


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