VIDEO: Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, and 20 of their Friends

The highlight vid from the B&E Invitational

Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut just dropped the highlight reel from their inaugural B&E Invitational, held earlier this month at Les Arcs, France. The world can now see what happens when two of the most entertaining skiers host 20 more of the world’s best for a couple days of shredding. So sit back, relax, and, taking their own words from Facebook, enjoy eight minutes of style.


VIDEO: Weekend Shredding on Mount Washington

Tuckermans is just the beginning

In the latest and greatest from Meathead Films/Ski The East, Ben Leoni heads to some of the lesser known places of the White Mountains.


Week in Review: Trouble in Squallywood

Crystal Mountain loves grizzly bears, IOC says slopestyle is injury-prone, Canadians give urban jibbers free reign, and more

All the news fit for skiing the week ending April 18, 2014.


Couloir Skiing at Its Finest in La Grave

In episode one of the "Big Mountain Tour, Stian Hagen, Ian McIntosh, Austin Ross and Christina Lusti ski 6,000-foot creamy coolies

As Ian McIntosh says in the above video, skiing a La Grave couloir should be on your skier life checklist. Why? Because getting off the inimatable Telepherique, noticing no boundaries exist, making low-angle powder turns en route to a couloir rappel, rappelling into a classic couloir, and then skiing 6,000-feet of protected, cold powder all the way to the valley floor before getting picked up by a French-speaking local that drops you off at the brasserie across the street from the lift is the La Grave way.

In this video, save for the gratuitous product call-outs (which normally forces us not to post vids like these), it features that very thing. And since La Grave is located in the Southern Alps, they received the brunt of those southerly storms that hammered the wayward side, giving La Grave and Italy plentiful pow days and most other spots in the Alps a leaner-than-normal winter.

Editor’s Note: Featured image was shot by Adam Clark of Ian McIntosh ripping a beauty cooly.

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Junk in the Trunk: Hoodies

The go-to for spring apparel

Five hoodies we like for spring apparel


VIDEO: The Most Fun Skiing on a 4-Inch Base

Tanner Hall has a great beard and goes skiing with Sander Hadley at Squaw

This video got passed around the internet today.

On the one hand: Tanner Hall’s beard is pretty impressive; despite the snow—they’re jibbing bare patches here—they’re also straightlining hardpack Mainline Pocket and generally making the most out of very little.

On the other hand: So much fist-bumping; Tanner Hall’s tongue; that poor girl on the chairlift; that poor ‘Slow’ sign; irie; an awkward scene in the parking lot; and who doesn’t love Deltron 3030, but Hall and Oates seems more fitting in this context.

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Week In Review: Big Sky is Where Dreams Become Reality

Plus: Crazy POV! Shots fired in PC! The FWT hates North America! Cute old guys! And alcohol-fueled-adrenaline!

Park City sandbox fight, Jesper Tjader has brass ones, Big Sky music videos, North America snubbed by FWT, Skibowl apparently likes to party and Obama knows his spins.


Finally! April Powder in the Sierras

Last week at Mammoth was that the best skiing of the season

Finally, after the second significant storm of the sorry 2013-14 Sierra season, Mammoth was skiing like we normally know it. Locals called it the best week of the season, conditions resembling mid-winter. The trees and mini-golf lines off the backside around Chair 14 held cold snow. The trees of the Avy Chutes off Chair 22 protected the fresh snow from the standard Sierra wind. It felt like winter, except it was the first week of April, with the Final Four, Masters, and Easter on the horizon.


“It’s Probably One of the Best Jumps Ever”

At Nine Knights, it's not a competition but Oscar Wester still took first place in the big air

Indeed, after four separate triple corks were thrown and landed among several unique features, Zacek’s vision became reality, highlighted by 17 year-old Swiss skier Luca Schuler tossing silky smooth double cork 720s. Who knew a double could be thrown with such style, the speed of his rotation looking so slow and effortless.

Meanwhile, Swede Oscar Wester won the big air, with Schuler in second and fellow Sweded Jesper Tjader in third. Not to be outdone, Tjader threw a massive double back flip, transferring from one jump to the next. That’s pretty ridiculous, as it looks like gravity doesn’t apply to the Swede.


Junk in the Trunk: F-stop Loka UL

A lightweight photo bag for the backcountry

The Loka UL is essentially a lighter version of their regular Loka, a large daypack that’s been a mainstay in the line for years. To minimize weight, f-stop did things like punch holes in the hip belt and take away straps and accessories. Without any cameras, the bag weighs just a kilo, or 2.2 pounds—more than a pound lighter than the original.


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