The Alternative Skier Responsibility Code

Know the Code, #324: There’s no such thing as bad snow. Only bad skiers.

Know The Code, #56: There’s no such thing as bad snow. Only bad skiers.


Week In Review: America, Where Horses Pull Skiers

Swiss ski area breaks up, Utah is still a mess, and heli shots made easy

All the news fit for skiing the week ending June 27, 2014.


VIDEO: Apollo Hood

New Edit from The Bunch

Last week, Swedish crew The Bunch put out a video of Pär “Peyben” Hägglund and Douglas Källsbo skiing hard and taking names at Timberline, Oregon.

The edit was filmed at Mount Hood earlier in the year—when the park was in the process of being built up for Windells and the summer season—so there wasn’t much in the way of big air or weird features. This was perfect for skiers like Peyben and Douglas, whose backgrounds in urban skiing shine through. They and their imaginations had their way with anything and everything in the park that skis could slide over.

At the beginning of the edit, there’s a boot fiasco involving a lighter, a singed blanket, and putty. Unexplained by the end, the mystery weighed heavy on my mind. It was time for a Skype.

“It was your boot, you tell her!” says Peyben via computer screen. It’s clear they’ve had a good time busting Douglas’ balls on this one. Turns out, they woke up one morning and realized a chunk was inexplicably missing from Douglas’ boot. “We were just like… oh shit,” Douglas remembered the chaos.

They grabbed the first hard plastic object they found in their Mount Hood Village lodge—the thin red cap of a milk jug. Someone took a lighter to it, melted it down, and applied it to the boot. It was too hot and started melting the boot itself. But it worked.

So they went on to ski.


Junk in the Trunk: Puffy Skirts

Turns out, skirts are practical for the snow

On first impression, a skirt made for snow seems impractical. Unlike the chiffon and glitter ice-skating costumes I so naively coveted as a child, a puffy skirt is wicked warm and actually makes sense to wear in the wintertime.

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The Alternative Skier Responsibility Code

Know The Code, #24: When in doubt, air it the eff out.

Know The Code, #24: When in doubt, air it the eff out.


VIDEO: Snowkiting in Jackson

Four skiers use wind to power themselves uphill

Thinlines is a short film documenting four Jackson, Wyoming, locals who are packing kites on backcountry ski trips into the mountains. The kites allow skiers to cover miles of ground and discover new places with untouched powder and incredible terrain, all of which are not accessible to backcountry skiers without multi-day treks. Snowkiting for multiple days pushed the group even further to some of the most remote spots on the continent. Influenced by Pascal Joubert from La Grave, France, the team is putting down tracks in steep, rocky areas and bailing into the air. Their next goals are to film snowkiting in Alaska, and show that it could be a wind-powered alternative to big mountain heli skiing. —Filmmaker Will Taggart

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VIDEO: Dennis Ranalter’s 2014 Season Edit

We don't hate Mondays with Dennis Ranalter

In his season edit, Ranalter has fun with rails and hucks it magnificently off some massive jumps under sunny skies in Austria, Italy, and Colorado.


The POWDER Library: The Hippy Trail

One ski bum, one pen, and 10,000 miles of Himalayan Peaks

Looking back to POWDER Magazine 33.5 article “The Hippy Trail.” One ski bum, one pen, and 1,000 miles of Himalayan Peaks.


Week in Review: June Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Government compromises on ski area water rights, "bruise pants," and a 15-year-old who went from boy to man

All the news fit for skiing the week ending June 20, 2014.

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Trailer: Tribute by Freeski-Crew

One of the first ski movie trailers to drop this summer comes in hot from Austria

Trailer season, it’s almost here. Here’s one of the first to drop from Freeski-Crew out of Innsbruck, Austria.


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