Mike Rogge

Mike Rogge

Mike Rogge is an East Coast writer living on the West Coast. "He's an all-around neat fellow," says POWDER's Jaded Local.

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Breaking Down: Avalanche Sharks

published: May 22, 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to...nevermind

Movers and Pushers

published: May 21, 2013

Mount Hood's Timberline hosts a five-day camp that aims to make a better park

Don’t Hate U.S. Freeskiing

published: May 14, 2013

A visit inside a U.S. Freeskiing Team summer camp, err, Training Camp

Junk In The Truck: Eastern Collective Cables

published: April 24, 2013

Vermont’s Eastern Collective strikes gold

Breaking Down “This Friday”

published: April 16, 2013

Hip-hop, guns, and selling outerwear, thoughts on FD Wear's latest edit

Candide Back In The Park

published: April 16, 2013

Mr. Thovex takes a ride through Boreal in California

All Time: Kingfisher Heli

published: April 10, 2013

Finding the pinnacle of life as a skier

Breaking Down “Deep Powder”

published: April 8, 2013

"You can't go with that lift guy. He's dangerous."

Afternoon Delights: Mammoth in the Spring

published: April 5, 2013

Parker White, Cole Drexler, and Will Wesson in the Sierra

Gathering of the Vibes

published: April 4, 2013

The fifth annual Gathering at Red Mountain

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