John Clary Davies

John Clary Davies

John Clary Davies is the managing editor at Powder magazine. He likes cheese.

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Bros Buy Powder Mountain

published: December 13, 2012

But it might be the best thing that could happen there

All Time: Crystal Mountain

published: December 10, 2012

We don't call it groomer magazine

Junk in the Truck: Arc’teryx Quintic Pack

published: November 2, 2012

More proof that Hoji is a good little designer

Junk In The Truck: Oakley Frogskins

published: October 23, 2012

Because you’re an American. And a skier

Search Called Off On Manaslu

published: September 23, 2012

Greg Hill and Glen Plake survive massive avalanche on Nepalese peak

Pros, Bros, and the MSP Show

published: September 17, 2012

A running diary of the Matchstick premiere in Seattle

Coming Soon: Valhalla

published: September 13, 2012

Getting weird with Sweetgrass Productions

The Most Committed Man in Skiing

published: August 23, 2012

Is an 87-year-old Hungarian/American ski coach

Now Hiring: Alta, Utah

published: August 6, 2012

Put your anthropology degree to use.

Best Day Ever: Night on Mount Hood

published: June 25, 2012

Sausage, snow, and empty chairs at Skibowl

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