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Ptor’s Spacebook: The Skier’s Spring

published: May 18, 2012

How to start a revolution.

Ptor’s Spacebook: Why I #OccupyLaGrave

published: October 27, 2011

'Beyond any passport paraphenalia, I know that my tribe is the ski tribe and it exists in many places.' -PS

Ptor’s Spacebook: Kyrgyzstan Dreaming

published: September 6, 2011

Actualizing 'ski-eat-sleep' mode in the furthest country from an ocean in the world

Ptor’s Spacebook: Skiing the Void

published: July 29, 2011

On Peru: 'This felt like the right time for me to return to the sharp end.' -P.S.

Ptor’s Spacebook: Heli Skiing

published: May 11, 2011

'I’ve never mentioned first descents with the heli because to me it was... just half skiing.'

Ptor’s Spacebook: Kind of Blue

published: March 13, 2011

'Why should skiing be limited to its traditional times—when it’s good, it’s good, n’est-ce pas?'

Gallery—Ptor’s Spacebook: Kind of Blue

published: March 13, 2011

'It’s so personal to be with one’s 'ski hill' before its mechanical advantage is activated'

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