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Jaded Rejects, No. 8: The One Where My Soul Burns with Dark Fire

published: December 22, 2011

Anxious, twitching and burning on the Winter Solstice

Jaded Rejects, No. 7: And So It Begins

published: December 19, 2011

Pre-season report from Mt. Shredly - 'Savor it like the pause before the roller coaster starts dropping'

Jaded Rejects #6: Tuning In

published: October 19, 2011

An eight-step, 18-beer, two or three day process to get the ol' boards dialed for Opening Day

Jaded Rejects #5

published: August 30, 2011

News the Ski Media is Too Jaded to Care About

Jaded Rejects #4: Upload from a Dying Hard Drive

published: August 17, 2011

Sierra slitherings with Team Jaded

Jaded Rejects #3: Adversarial Skiing

published: August 10, 2011

'Professional skiing is getting a little boring... why not throw some gas on that fire and see what happens?'

Jaded Rejects #2: Take a Lesson

published: August 2, 2011

Warning: 'If you see T.A.L. written on your paperwork in the ski shop, it means...'

Jaded Rejects #1: Rejection Letter

published: July 26, 2011

'If the Jaded Local column is skiing's gritty underbelly, this is the Jaded Local's gritty underbelly'

The Jaded Local’s Pre Season Tips

published: September 26, 2012

Prepping your mind, body, and pick-up lines for the season to come

Ultra Long Term Test: Salomon 977 Driver Equipe

published: May 3, 2012

You didn’t really like your knees, did you?

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