At every mountain we visit, there are people who ski more than us, go bigger than us, and know more about snow conditions and equipment designs than we could ever hope to learn. These are the people who spend their evenings fixing other people’s skis, who tinker tirelessly over their gear until it fits their needs to a T, and who invent their own products when the industry is slow to the table. These skiers don’t want advice from “experts.” They are the experts. They simply want to see what’s new, what’s carried over from last year, and maybe peep the new graphics.

The other thing about these skiers? Most of them are Powder readers. If this sounds like you—if you know what you want and know how to sift through marketing jargon to find it—the following section is right up your alley. We’ve worked with the leading manufacturers to provide you with information on more than 150 of the best products for hardcore, passionate skiers. Ski companies spend years developing their products and know them better than anyone, so we’ve offered them the opportunity to showcase the products they feel will best suit you. The goal is to not only make your buying decision easier, but the actual purchase as well.